The Problem with Illegal Immigration is kind of like Internet Piracy – The Solutions may be Similar

Before you laugh at me, you need to hear me out. Internet piracy is caused by the entertainment industry not providing what consumers want, how they want it, where they want it and when they want it. Illegal immigration is caused by the government not providing what immigrants want, how they want it, where they want it and when they want it. You might say “apples and oranges”, but I’m inclined to say otherwise. Just like Internet pirates who really want to pay, illegal immigrants really want to enter the United States legally.

The Government is Looking at it the Wrong Way

Of course, the government is being prodded to look at things the wrong way by the very people most likely to benefit from looking at them the right way. As with the entertainment industry, the bottom line is what really counts.

I’m not saying we should take away the border or the border patrol. What I’m saying is that the path to legal immigration needs to be made so much easier, and not just for the Mexicans (who, by way, get the largest share of the immigration quotas).

This might sound like heresy to those who fight tooth and nail to keep the illegal aliens out of the country, but how many of those illegal aliens would actually be illegal if the bar to entering the country legally wasn’t so high? Trust me, I know what I’m talking about because I’ve had personal experience with it.

While you may see immigrants as taking jobs away from current Americans, I see jobs being which can be filled by new Americans. I can see a whole new group of spending consumers and taxpayers waiting for the chance to do their part for the economy. Finally, I can see a future where no one will want to work horrible jobs for a minimum wage.

Abolish the Quota System

Let’s be clear about this. I’m not saying to do away with all of the immigration requirements. The quota system, however, needs to be done away with. It already takes far too long for eligible immigrants to do things legally and the quota system just makes it take that much longer.

The only barrier, in the concept of the time it takes to legally immigrate, should be the ability of the current immigration department to process, approve or disapprove the immigration petitions.

But what about the Jobs?

There will always be more people than there are jobs. It has always been that way and it will always be that way. On the other hand, without a steady grown in the population, new jobs will not be created without sacrificing old jobs.

I’m going to save you the trouble of doing the research because I’ve already done it. Current population statistics indicate that the population of legal Americans is not only not growing, it’s shrinking. The cause is purely economic, of course, because families can no longer afford to raise families of four or more, even with both parents working full time. That’s only the tip of the iceberg because families are much more unstable than they were when only one parent worked. Schools, daycare centers and home entertainment can’t replace proper parental guidance.

I’m afraid I’m a speaker on a stage, speaking to an empty auditorium. The problems are not caused by the people in the country, or the people who want to be a part of it. The problems are caused by overreaching government entities interfering with common sense procedures. As with anything the government screws up, only the people can provide a real solution.


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  1. Steve Morris says:

    How refreshing to hear someone else who believes immigration doesn’t kill jobs. I thought it was only me. But I’m not sure internet pirates want to pay for content!

    • RT Cunningham says:

      Except for the hardcore pirates, those who download without paying usually do so because they can’t get it any other way. I know this from my own research on the matter. Even so, for those who do it for other reasons, pirates are usually the ones who spend the most on non-pirated entertainment.

  2. Dane says:

    Interesting parallel. And you’re right about preaching to a non existent audience. It’s much easier just to blame the immigrants themselves than a hyper-authoritarian government because that would involve paying attention to what that government is doing and piping up about it. Which is not likely to happen in the U.S. until things get much more unpleasant.