Creating New Homes for a Lot of my Articles

It’s been well over a month since I wrote my previous article on this particular website, Untwisted Vortex. I’m in a different location, temporarily, and I’m using a Wi-Fi connection versus a dedicated DSL or cable connection for my Internet activities. Moving around and getting things going slowed me down a bit (along with getting used to having people around me when I’m trying to write). What slowed me down the most was setting up new websites, new homes for a lot of the articles originally published on this website. Read more »

My Exit Strategy – I Think I’m Done Here

If you’ve followed along on Untwisted Vortex for any time, then you should know I’m not happy with the way things are going. If you’d like to know my exit strategy for this specific website, you’re welcome to keep reading. I’m not going to disappear from the world of writing online. On the contrary, I’m actually expanding. When I say “I think I’m done here”, I have a lot of reasons and I think you’ll agree it’s not worth the effort to keep this website going. Read more »

Street Vendors in the Philippines

taho I’d be lying to you if I told you I know of everything that’s sold on the streets in the Philippines. I only know what I know from my experiences in a few different places. I invite you to follow along on memory lane as I describe what street vendors sell or have sold in the past. Read more »

Eating Oats and Mangoes

raw porridge oats When it comes to fruits and grains, when does consuming a lot become too much? I’ve done research on both oats and mangoes and it doesn’t seem like the amount I eat on a daily basis is too much. Like all things, I believe in a wide and varied diet of many different foods in moderation. Read more »

Is it Time to Dismantle the IRS?

My non-American readers can feel free to move on because this is an entirely America-centric topic. The recent scandal involving the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) is only what we’ve been allowed to find out about the organization and I’m sure if we dig deeper, we’ll find a lot more wrong than right about it. Read more »

A Craving for Fruit Juices of all Kinds

Over the past month or so, I’ve been getting cravings for various fruit juices. Even more recently, I’ve had cravings for various fruits, fruits I spurned in the past. If you didn’t know I was a man, you’d swear I was pregnant. There are reasons for this happening and most of them probably have to do with the low amount of carbohydrates I’m taking in on a daily basis. Read more »

Applying for Credit Cards, using Debit Cards and Living beyond your Means

Credit cards, in the hands of inexperienced people, are very dangerous things. All credit cards are bad credit cards when they’re used for the wrong reasons. Debit cards, on the other hand, are simply used as a means for purchasing products without using cash and when using cash isn’t an acceptable method of payment. Read more »

Hollywood Movies I’ve Missed while being outside of the USA

I moved to the Philippines in April of 2006. I returned to the United States a couple of times before 2012, but only for two weeks at a time and personal entertainment wasn’t on the agenda. My last trip, from mid-November 2012 to mid-February 2013, was a month longer than anticipated but it allowed me to catch up (somewhat) on Hollywood movies I’d missed while being outside of the United States. To understand exactly what I’m talking about, especially if you’ve never lived outside of the USA, I invite you to follow along. Read more »

NginX, WordPress and SSL on an Alternate Port

The latest version of WordPress supports using SSL for logging in or the entire admin dashboard, including login, by adding either “define(‘FORCE_SSL_LOGIN’, true);” or “define(‘FORCE_SSL_ADMIN’, true);” in the wp-config.php file. This works fine if you’re using SSL on the default HTTPS port of 443, but won’t work at all for an alternate port. I’ll explain how to get it to work on an alternate port and what the appropriate NginX rewrite directives should be to make sure the SSL pages get served on the alternate port while the non-SSL pages get served on the standard HTTP port of 80. Read more »

At my Age, Renting an Apartment is probably a better Idea than Buying a House

I’m 52 years old, and some say that isn’t old, but buying a house is better suited to someone starting out in life, not someone who is already past the midway point. It’s no secret that I’ll probably be moving from the Philippines back to the United States – where I intend to live is still up in the air and it’s going to depend on how much I have to pay. Read more »