Retired and Living in the Philippines

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I no longer post anything at this website. I now write everything at RTCXpression. You’re welcome to view the article list there. Anything worth moving from here to there will eventually end up there in one form or another.


I’m a retired American living in the Philippines and I write about anything that interests me and the people I associate with. The subject of each article depends on the mood I’m in and I sometimes write articles that are specific to the Philippines and at other times, I write articles that are specific to the United States.

I have many reasons for living in the Philippines and some of them are nobody’s business but my own. I’ve been living here since April of 2006 and while I have no intention of moving back to the United States, nothing is set in stone. I have family in both the United States and the Philippines and one day, it may make sense to return (permanently, that is, because I actually do return to visit once in awhile).

I’m in possession of a US passport and a Philippines ACR I-Card, which doubles as my permanent resident visa. Every year, before the end of February, I have to pay a very small fee for annual registration at the local Bureau of Immigration office in Olongapo City. If I leave the country, I have to pay an exit clearance fee at the airport. The card serves as my reentry permit and I can come and go as I please (in and out of the country) as long as I carry my passport and I-Card with me.

Untwisted Vortex

This website started as my first attempt at creating and maintaining a permanent presence on the worldwide web. It obviously wasn’t the start of my Internet experience – I’ve been on the net in one way or another since the Internet became a commercial entity in the 1990s. In fact, if you search long enough, you’ll probably come across links to pages on my old websites which haven’t been removed by the website owners of wherever the links appear.

The original idea for this website, when I started it on the 27th of May in 2006 (my now defunct welcome message), was to use it as a journal of what I experienced after moving to and living in the Philippines. Since then, it’s been slowly morphing into an information and opinion site. I remove old articles when they no longer serve a purpose or aren’t very good to begin with, rewrite them with updated information or merge them into newer articles.

American Geekery in the Philippines

Is “geekery” even a word? Oh well, I guess it is now. Regardless, I’m probably best characterized as a computer geek. I prefer to spend my time sitting in a chair in front of a computer keyboard. I’m not, however, inclined to be social online. I prefer reading, writing and programming, but not conversing. Idle chit-chat and participating in social networking eats time like nothing else.

I’m not happy unless I’m always busy doing something productive, even if I’m always behind on a project or two. As you can gather by viewing various articles, I’m dangerous in that I know a little about quite a few things, including making money online, but not a lot about any specific thing.

While I enjoy programming on a daily basis, even if it’s a simple script, I enjoy a whole lot more. Every article I write presumes that you, or someone you know, will enjoy at least a little of what I tend to write about.